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Owl midges, bathroom flies

Moth flies

Key features

The adults are 3-4 mm in length with a wingspan of 10 -12 mm.

They are greyish/brown in colour with the wings covered in scales, as indeed is the whole body, giving the fly the appearance of a small moth. The venation of the wings has no cross veins only around 8 veins ( two of which are forked) running almost parallel to the front edge of the wing.

The antennae of the moth flies are hairy in appearance with large hairs emanating from the inter- segmental junctions.


The females find a suitable medium in which to lay their eggs, typically the wet organic matter found in drains etc.

The larvae hatch from the eggs, normally within 48 hours, and feed in the rotting organic matter for around 14 - 15 days.

Pupation is short, a matter of a few days then the adults emerge.

The adults only live for 2 - 5 days.


Nearly worldwide.


Since moth flies are found breeding in areas of rotting organic matter there is always chance that they are carrying bacterial particles.

However, these flies are really only a nuisance pest and not of any great public health significance.


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