Wasp Nest Removal Blackburn

Had a interesting job last week wasps nest removal in Blackburn, found this in the loft, the wasps had been working hard building their nest and then I came along to do a quick removal, its looking like it could be a busy year for wasps with it being a mild winter, long hard frosts tends to reduce the queen wasps survival rate.

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wasp nest

Wasp Nest removal in Blackburn

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East Lancashire Pest Control is now registered as a lower tier waste carrier, my aim is to be honest and legal company and most of all give you a excellent service

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Pest control Blackburn

I heard on the weather forecast that we’re 12 hours away from a cold snap, so I’ve put my order in for plenty of rodent bait ,because as the cold wet weather come in our unwanted friends move closer to us, and with a lots of sightings of rats in Blackburn town centre  they going to be a few more sighting,

So somes tips, please clean upspills from bird tables and feeders rodents love the dropped seeds and nut, watch for holes appearing under sheds and in gardens etc

If you see or suspect you have rodent you’re welcome to call me 0800-023-6116 or 07535707700 where I can deal with the problem and help with stopping others returning ie something like just blocking a hole up

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