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Wharf Borer Beetle

Key features

Adult insects are around 10 mm long with the elytra having a golden/reddish-brown colouration with black posterior margins.


The elytra have three longitudinal ridges present, these being particularly noticeable at the proximal margin.

The adult insects have been well developed, multi-segmented antennae.


The eggs of this species are laid in the host timber.

The larvae prefer damp, near water-logged, rotten timber which is often infested with fungi – frequently the wet and dry rot fungi.

The larvae have well-developed and long walked legs on the thorax and short abdominal prolegs.

The larval life is relatively long-lasting; in some cases it may last a number of years.






The larvae of the wharf borer are particularly active in estuarine habitats where timbers supporting jetties, piers, etc are prone to attack.

Adults are known to invade houses, but it is only extremely wet timber which is likely to be attacked.


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